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DACA? Our Kids are Dreamers too

Dave Cesario



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When President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that DACA is unconstitutional, last week…the left, GOPe and Lamestream Media’s heads spun around and exploded. Words like “Mean” and “Cruel” were thrown around like commas. “These poor kids came here, with no choice of their own”…the left would say. I say, give me a damn break, ugh!!. Our kids are the real Dreamers.

The real reason that the left and its DNC Lamestream Media are so distraught?, it’s not because there are children involved, it’s not because they care about families and the well being of them. It’s because their illegal voting block will be reduced. If all estimations of illegal voting are correct (illegals, dead and illegal double voting), the Democrats lose about 5-8 Million votes. Oops, there goes the Democrat party!!.

The left will have us believe that illegal aliens should be US citizens regardless of the fact that they have already committed a felony…by entering the USA- ILLEGALLY!!. When have they ever let facts get in the way of protecting a good portion of their voting base?. Answer: Never!.

I would like to spend my time and tax paying money worrying about my kids, our kids!…they are Dreamers too. They truly are our future and shining stars. The left is so caught up on wanting to take care of Illegals and foreighners, they forget about their own citizens. I want our children to have good, stable and well paying jobs, when they grow up. They deserve it!. Enough of this, taking care of Illegals, foreigners and foreign countries. We should “Invest” in our children and their future. We should worry about our inner city’s that fall far behind the economic and education standards. These children didn’t have a choice that they were born into poverty. Until, we can take care of our own children, our Vets and legal citizens, not one dime should be given to any illegal alien, foreigner or foreign country. When my daughter can’t get into a specific college program because we have so many foreigners that are being taken, and paid for, by US- that’s where I draw the line. Don’t tell me about fairness or compassion.

Maybe, we would have more compassion for Illegals and foreigners if we felt our elected officials, educators and left would treat American citizens as they do the Illegals and foreigners.


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