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What Happened: Hillary Clinton Plays the Victim

Dave Cesario



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It’s been about 10 months since Hillary Clinton lost the General Election, by quite a lot, to Donald Trump. Since then, she has blamed everyone and everything, except for herself, for the loss. With her new book coming out next week, excerpts of the book have been released and it’s a typical “Clinton” blame game. Remember, in the late 90’s, she went on TV and blamed the “Right Wing” conspiracy theory, for her husband’s infidelity with Monica Lewinsky. Well, she hasn’t changed much since those days.

In typical Crooked Hillary fashion, she blames James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Matt Lauer, wrong polling and the best one of them all…. Joe Biden and Barrack Obama. Why?  Because they won two elections. Oh, she also blames the Woman’s March for her loss. Truthfully, I’ve yet to see any real women at these marches, but I digress.

The real reason why she lost is very simple: she was a horrendous candidate!. She wasn’t likable, she’s corrupt and she didn’t connect with the average American. Outside of some areas of New York, California and Washington D.C., she was as popular and likable as the stomach flu. The Mainstream Media did their best to make Hillary out to be likable and want to care about us Americans and the problems that we share. They wanted us to believe that the last eight years were nothing but spectacular and her Foreign Policy experience was exceptional.

Hillary and the Mainstream Media rarely ever mentioned the Benghazi disaster that had her finger prints all over this. Hell, she even blamed a YouTube video for the terror attack that caused the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and our brave men in uniform. She thought we were stupid and we wouldn’t remember her failures and many shortcomings. However, every “Poll” had her winning by a landslide. I, nor anyone I know, have NEVER been polled. Polling, is a way for the Mainstream Media to demoralize a certain candidate. The difference last year is that the Mainstream Media was as popular as Hillary. Americans were turning them off in droves.

If I were a Democrat, I’d wish that she would just shut up and go away. I may wish that she would go to jail, but that’s another article for another day. I keep thinking that maybe Bill is the sane one of the family. That’s hard for me to say.

So, I think I’ll sit out on reading this bird cage material and just enjoy the fact that she is not my President. I’m sure the Lamestream Media will be riding her coat tails on her book tour…but I wouldn’t expect anything less from them.

Let me know when Trump writes a book about how he stomped Hillary like a narc at a biker rally. That one I will read.


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