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NFL…Takes a knee while America takes a stand

Dave Cesario



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For the last few years, the NFL has slowly been hemorrhaging fans and viewers. If it’s not the restricted tackling and hitting, the fining of players writing “9/11” or “We will never forget” on their shoes…then it’s the Colin Kaepernick, taking a knee fiasco. Kaep, is The Godfather of disrespecting our National Anthem and flag during a sporting event.

What the NFL will learn, sooner than later, is that a large majority of us Americans despise anyone who disrespects our country or flag. The left likes to “Target” symbols as if they are the reason of some people’s struggles in their lives. If they were only honest with themselves, they may find that the solution has been right in front of them, this whole time.

Most Americans struggle each day just trying to make ends meet and take care of their families. They don’t have the privilege to play in the NFL and make millions of dollars and live like rockstars. We struggle with finances, illness, family issues and many other things that affect our daily lives. No one person is without a struggle. We ALL have this common thread that connects each and every one of us. This common thread does not care what color or religion you are, it touches us in different ways. Some have it better than others and some have it worse than others. We don’t protest our hardships or injustices. We pull up our big boy and big girl pants and tackle each day as best as we can. We don’t let our past, good or bad, define us. We find a way to make it happen and not give in or give up. No, it’s not easy at times and sometimes it’s not fun.

What we never do, is take our frustration or anger out on our flag and National Anthem. Too many people have fought and died for this. These Hero’s fought and died for ALL of us so that we may be free to prosper as we see fit in the greatest country on earth. Sure, I would love to be an NFL player and make millions playing a game I love. I’m too small, too slow and not talented enough. According to the left, this means that I’m “oppressed”.

You are truly blessed and fortunate, to be in the NFL. You are among the top wage earners in this country. The best of the best. Use your time and energy more wisely. Help the less fortunate rise up to your level instead of asking everyone to come down. Go to the areas that really are oppressed and show them how to pull themselves up from their bootstraps. If you, as an NFL player, don’t stay in shape, improve your skills through training and repetition or knowing your plays and schemes…you won’t have a job as a professional football player. This didn’t come easy, you worked your ass off to get to this point. Well, our Hero’s and all of the people that you are disrespecting, have done the same. The difference is that they sacrificed themselves and their families for what you and I have. We still hit the floor with two feet in the morning and have the option of making the most out of each day. For those that have lost hands, arms and legs…do not have the option to stand or put their hands over their heart. WE must do so in their place and not disrespect their sacrifices for us or this great nation.

So, stand up, put your right hand over your heart, look at that beautiful flag, that represents so much more good than bad, and be thankful that you are an American who plays a game that helps many of us forget our problems, if only for a few hours.


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