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TRUMP-ENOMICS8 hours ago

Shock! Only 2 People Show Up For iPhone 8 Launch in China

—Via Zerohedge Confirming reports that reception for Apple’s newly launched iPhone 8 may be “underwhelming” to put it lightly, as...


In an Increasingly “Free” World, Developers Are Turning to Blockchain to Monetize Their Apps

  When the iPhone was invented, and mobile phones were first beginning to move to third-party app based user experiences,...


Socialism is a Lame Accounting Trick, Not an Economic System

The far left in the United States often touts Denmark as a role model country, that we should strive to...


Trump’s Sanctions Crack Maduro as Soros-Backed Venezuelan Government Fails to Make $185M Interest Payment on Bonds

President Trump excoriated Nicolás Maduro’s brutal authoritarian socialist regime in Venezuela yesterday in his speech in front of the United Nations...


Putin Orders End to Trade in US Dollars at Russian Seaports

President Vladimir Putin has called on the government to pass legislation that would ban trade that uses US Dollars in...


10 Stocks to Consider if You Want to Make America Great Again!

Make America Great Again, #MAGA for short is the guiding principle of the Trump Administration. Recently, a new ETF (exchange-traded...


Stock Market Surges to All Time Highs Amid President Trump’s Confidence Inspiring UN Visit

Stocks rise, with Dow & S&P 500 at new record highs amid President Trump’s Confidence Inspiring Visit to the UN,...


Stock Market Rallies to Biggest Gains in 58 Years, Up 21% Since the Election

The S&P500 and Dow Jones 30 advanced to all time highs in Friday trading. According to CNBC: “Going back to...


Payment App Spot Raising $25M in November ICO

Virtually every business is being in some way effected by blockchain, whether they know it or not. From shipping and...


How North Korea is Using Bitcoin to Defeat UN Sanctions

Several reports have surfaced that suggest North Korean hackers are running a highly sophisticated cryptocurrency operation in order to usurp...


POLITICS3 hours ago

Hezbollah Has 10,000 Fighters in Syria Ready to Confront Israel, Commander Says

—Via Times of Israel Hezbollah has more than 10,000 fighters in southern Syria ready to confront Israel, a commander for...

POLITICS3 hours ago

Ben Carson Endorses Judge Roy Moore for Alabama Senate

In a statement released today by the Judge Roy Moore Senate Campaign, it was revealed that Ben Carson has endorsed...

POLITICS3 hours ago

Defying Trump, Iran says will boost missile capabilities

LONDON (Reuters) – Iran will strengthen its missile capabilities and not seek any country’s permission, President Hassan Rouhani said on...

POLITICS3 hours ago

Russia Never Placed Ads on Facebook to Interfere in US Election

—Via RT Moscow has nothing to do with political advertisements on Facebook that were allegedly aimed at influencing the 2016...

POLITICS9 hours ago

North Korea: US will meet ‘nuclear strike and miserable and final ruin’, if it challenges ‘military giant’ Kim Jong Un

North Korea said on Tuesday, that the U.S. will be destroyed if it chooses to defy the “military giant” led...

POLITICS10 hours ago

Alt-Left Twitter Accounts Praise of Kim Jong Un, Amid North Korean Threat to Annihilate US

The mentality of leftists have turned from unpatriotic, to absolutely traitorous, as their contempt for President Trump expresses itself as...

POLITICS20 hours ago

North Korea official says North may consider hydrogen bomb on Pacific Ocean: Yonhap

SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho said on Friday he believes the North could consider a...

POLITICS23 hours ago

Tax Returns Show Hillary Clinton Has Made More Than $800K Betting on the Trump Stock Market

The S&P 500 has added $2.04 trillion in market value since Trump’s election last November, and many are dubbing Trump...

POLITICS1 day ago

Japan’s Abe Urges U.N. States to Wage Naval Blockade Against North Korea, Saying “Time for Dialogue is Over”

—Via Japan Times NEW YORK – Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged all U.N. member states Wednesday to block North Korea’s access...

POLITICS1 day ago

Kim Jong Un Responds to Trump: “I Will Surely and Definitely Tame the Mentally Deranged U.S. Dotard with Fire”

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un reacted angrily to President Trump’s speech at the United Nations General Assembly, calling it...

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