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Why Trump Should Fire Mueller and Why Trump Won’t Fire Mueller

Mike Antebi



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Robert Mueller and his “unbiased” team have been plagued with issues from the day they began their investigation.

Robert Mueller was hired the day after President Trump fired Director Comey from the FBI. Mueller and Comey’s friendship is well known and documented which could be a conflict of interest.

Mueller quickly assembled a team of lawyers with at least 9 of them being heavy donors of the Clinton and Democratic party and not one of them donated to the campaign of President Trump.

In August, Mueller impaneled a grand jury which has the power to subpoena documents, require witnesses to testify under oath, and indict suspects on criminal charges if enough evidence is found. Interestingly enough he impaneled the grand jury in Washington DC and not in Virgina. The DC jury pool will be overwhelmingly Democratic, by a ratio about 10 to 1. The Virginia pool is likely to be more diverse in its political affiliations, though probably still more Democratic than Republican.

Recently Mueller subpoenaed bank records seemingly unrelated to anything pertaining to the Russia investigation. Why? He can’t find anything on Trump-Russia so he feels it’s time to start another witch-hunt, this time looking for any financial or tax mishaps, just as he did when investigating Paul Manafort. 

One of Mueller’s unbiased teammates was Peter Strzok, the man who had his hands in every pie and was unsurprisingly a Trump-hater. Strzok was originally part of the team charged with investigating the Hillary email scandal and was allegedly the one who changed Comey’s memo from grossly negligent (a crime) to “extremely careless”.  Strzok was the man tasked with interviewing Hillary. When he did, there was no recorder or request for Hillary to speak under oath. Strzok was also a key player in disseminating the infamous phony Russian dossier which caused the commencement of the Russia investigation.

Recently, Strzok’s text messages with his mistress were made public. In those texts he calls Trump an “idiot” and for his attempt to plan a mysterious “insurance policy” in the event Tump were to be elected. This is the same man who was tasked with investigating General Michael Flynn.

Yesterday it was revealed that Mueller obtained emails from Trump and his transition team with a letter, no subpoenas, no grand jury, nothing, just a letter. Essentially it would make any of those documents inadmissible, as they are fruit of the poisonous tree. 

With all this information, it is pretty clear that Mueller isn’t in this for justice but rather, he is part of the deep state operation to unseat Donald Trump, who won the election fair and square.

So why won’t Donald Trump fire him? Simply put, he’d rather watch Mueller self implode, with a new story showing the bias of Mueller and his team coming out everyday, it is safer this way than if Trump fired him himself.

Mike is a columnist for Offended America, a news webiste created to fight the overload of fake news. Mike has been a political commentator for over 10 years but more recently took a central role in fighting back against fake news.

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