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What Middle America is Talking About: President Trump

Dave Cesario



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For the past 10 years, I’ve been meeting with a group of friends at our local coffee shop in my Midwestern town. Each morning, we talk about a very heated subject… POLITICS! Since 2008 and up until Primaries and General Election of last year, it has been a very depressing conversation with all that President Obama has turned, our once great nation, in to.

When Donald J. Trump decided to throw his hat in the ring, I was ecstatic. Finally, a non-politician that  owes nothing to the political elite and their donors. I knew I wasn’t alone in my thinking, but it took a good year to convince my buddies that he is the right man at the right time and that he can win. Each day, I took a beating from my friends. Most were ticked off at what the past 8 years had brought us but they were looking for a more “conventional” candidate. Me, I was looking for a bull in a China shop. I wanted what Trump was. Non PC, average Joe billionaire. Right away, I connected with him. I loved the way he went after the Mainstream Media, kicked Jorge Ramos out of a press conference, called Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary”. I loved that he was his own man and had a pulse for what the forgotten man and women wanted and needed in a President.

I’ve been a Republican since I was old enough to vote. I thought John McCain was great in 2008- but he didn’t know how to close it out. I thought Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, were excellent picks for GOP President and Vice Presidential candidates. Again, they let me down. I wanted a fighter. I wanted a winner. I wanted Trump.

Some of my friends liked Sen. Ted Cruz, some liked Governor John Kasich, while some liked others, but they were true politicians. Politicians that shared the same “values” as McCain and Romney. Trump was different. He turned the whole political arena upside down. With one Tweet, he could send the Mainstream Media into a tailspin. In a group of about 12 Alpha men, I was the calm one. That in itself was a surprise to my buddies as well as myself.

Trump was unconventional, a pragmatist. He was never a true GOP favorite. That’s what caught my attention. Prior to Trump running, if one had an “R” before his or her name, I was for them. AT (After Trump), I realized that there was very little differentiating a REP from a DEM. Hell, most have the same donors and lobbyists. How many truly care about the average American? As one of my friends always said “If they (political elite & corporations) would just wet our beeks and give us a little piece of the pie, we wouldn’t be so ticked off”. But, they didn’t. The rich got richer under a Democratic President while us average Joe’s lost our 401K’s and savings. We saw both parties take away our rights and livelihoods. We worked harder with less pay. We had no choice. Most of us have families and we saw our healthcare premiums rise and our doctors leave our insurance networks. What connected each of us is that we were pissed off at the political establishment and corporate elites.

After Trump won’t the GOP primaries, we had one common opponent: Hillary Rodham Clinton. If we couldn’t all get behind Trump for the fight of our lifetime, we wouldn’t ever have another chance to. This was it. We all knew what the Clinton Machine was about. How they played their political games, the media on their side as well as many GOP establishment elites. We now understood what we were in for. We were fighting our own party most of the time. But, we knew what the outcome would be  if we didn’t . It was crystal clear.

Having grown up in Chicago and knowing how the Daley Machine operated…Obama and Clinton took that to a national level. I knew that Trump had to be one of the toughest human beings that God has ever put on this earth. There was no one in that field of 17 that could have survived one quarter of the onslaught from MSM, Clinton and some of our own GOP elites. Hell, there may be no one on this earth that could handle what he went through.

So, now we have President Trump. The people’s President that is getting our jobs back from the elites that brought them oversees. We have an all time high consumer confidence, the stock market is at an all time high…we have someone who is finally fighting back for “US”. We have the respect from other nations back and we have our mojo back.

We’re simple people. We just want to be able to take care of our families, work a job that we like and be left alone without the government hounding us. We want a United States of America where we all get along where we love and respect our neighbors and citizens. We want a strong military. We want these brave men and women, that we send into senseless battles at times, to be taken care of and not have to beg for respect and healthcare. We want our 1st Responders to be able to do their jobs and not feel that the politicians are on the criminals side instead of theirs. We want our children taught History without having a liberal bent to it. We want our children to have a better future than we have, then our parents and grandparents had. We want the USA to lead and not follow. We want our citizens to be proud of their country again.

We want what the past 8 plus years of our political elites and corporate elites have taken away from us. Europe and the other countries will survive without the USA having to pay for being a great nation. Let the other nations build themselves up and use the great USA as their role model instead of wanting to tear us down or bring us down to their level. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, is it?


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